Which gas stations take Apple Pay?


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  1. You can use Apple Pay at gas stations to pay for gas. Most of the gas stations in the U.S are now accepting Apple Pay as a payment method and so, you don’t have to worry about always carrying a credit card with you. Simply make use of the Tap & Pay feature of your smartphone to buy gas at pump stations.

    Gas Stations that accept Apple Pay are –

    1. BP
    2. Chevron
    3. 7-Eleven
    4. Circle K
    5. Citgo
    6. Cumberland Farms
    7. Exxon Mobil
    8. ARCO

    9. Conoco
    10. Kum & Go
    11. Delta Sonic
    12. KwikTrip
    13. Phillips 66
    14. Red Apple
    15. Meijer
    16. QuikTrip
    17. Speedway
    18. Shell
    19. RaceTrac
    20. Sheetz
    21. Sunoco
    22. Texaco
    23. Wawa
    24. Valero

    These are the most popular gas stations in the United States that take Apple Pay. Remember that some gas stations don’t accept this payment method at the pump but take it in-store. You can also check with the cashier if Apple Pay is accepted or not.

    How to use Apple Pay at a gas station?

    To pay for gas with Apple Pay –

    1. Check for a Contactless symbol
    2. Open Apple Wallet
    3. Double press the Side button
    4. Verify with your Face ID
    5. Place your iPhone on the symbol
    6. The amount will be paid
    7. That’s it!

    This is how you can use Apple Pay at a pump station easily. In case you have more than one card added to your Apple wallet, you can select your desired credit/debit card at the time of payment.

    Also remember that some of the gas stations require you to pay with your debit card when you use Apple Pay. For example, most ARCO gas stations accept Apple Pay only when a debit card is linked & you try to pay with it via Apple Pay.

    Most of the BP and Amoco gas stations take Apple Pay only in-store while some accept at the Pump also. You can make use of the BPme official app to pay for gas at any Amoco or BP petrol station if you frequently visit one of them.

    When it comes to Citgo gas stations, Apple Pay is widely accepted but a few stations take it in-store only. DeltaSonic and Cumberland Farms don’t take Apple Pay at the pump. These stations accept Apple Pay in-store only.

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