Which choice best describes the polarity of BrF5?


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  1. Explanation:

    There are 5 atoms and 1 lone pair around the central atom in BrF5 which corresponds to AX5E1 or square pyramidal (asymmetrical) so it is a polar molecule. The molecule is polar and has polar bonds.

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  2. Polar bonds or polar molecules best describe the polarity of BrF5.

    What is polarity?

    The polarity of a molecule is its ability to dissolve in water. Polar molecules are soluble in water, while nonpolar molecules are insoluble in water.

    Water has polar properties because it contains both positive and negative charges (or electrons) that attract opposite charges on the opposite side of the molecule.

    The polar molecule dissolves in water because the polarity of the molecule fits with that of the water.

    Explain the polarity of BrF5

    BrF5 has five fluorine atoms, each with one electron in its outer shell. The lone pairs of electrons on the fluorine atoms are not assigned to any particular molecule but instead form a bond between all of the fluorines.

    This makes BrF5 a polar molecule because it contains significantly more electrons than protons, which are positive charges. The polar molecule dissolves in water because water has positively and negatively charged areas that hold the molecules together.

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