What is the run command to open Internet Options?



What is the shortcut for Internet Options in Windows 10? What is the run command to open Internet Options??


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  1. The Run Command to open Internet Options or Internet Properties is inetcpl.cpl. This command works on every Windows version including Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. Another way to open Internet Properties is via the Command Prompt. The command-line switch to launch Internet Options using CMD is also the same inetcpl.cpl command.

    The Run Command for Internet Options or Internet Properties

    In order to execute the above-mentioned inetcpl.cpl command and open the Internet Properties from the Run window, the first thing you need to do is to launch the Run Command dialog box.

    To launch the Internet Properties window via theRun Command box-

    1. Press the Windows Logo Key along with the R button
    2. The Run Command Dialog box will now open
    3. Now, type the below command in the box
    4. inetcpl.cpl
    5. Click Ok or press Enter

    After you successfully run the inetcpl.cpl command, the Internet Properties window will be launched in which you can find several sections like Security, Privacy, Content, Connections, Programs, etc

    How to open Internet Options from the Command Prompt?

    The command-line switch to open the Internet Options using the Command Prompt on a Windows computer is inetcpl.cpl. Follow the steps below in order to run this command –

    1. Press the Windows Logo Key on your keyboard
    2. Now, start typing cmd
    3. Select Command Prompt
    4. Then, type the below command
    5. inetcpl.cpl
    6. Press Enter


    This is how we can easily get access to the Internet Options or Properties in Windows 10 and other versions from the Run Dialog box and also via the Command Prompt. I hope the inetcpl.cpl command worked for you too. If you still have any doubts regarding opening the Internet Options from the command line, feel free to post a question here at FAQwalla.

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