Tertiary structure is NOT directly dependent on


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  1. Explanation:

    Peptide bonds are not involved in tertiary structure. Tertiary structure is stabilized by multiple interactions, specifically side chain functional groups which involve hydrogen bonds, salt bridges, covalent disulfide bonds, and hydrophobic interactions.

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  2. Tertiary structure is not directly dependent on peptide bonds. Peptide bonds are covalent bonds that form between two amino acids.

    They are formed when the carboxyl group of one amino acid is attached to the amine group on another, through a condensation reaction. This happens during protein synthesis (translation) and results in the formation of polypeptides.

    Tertiary structure is dependent on the peptide bonds of the protein. However, it does not depend on any particular one or set of bond(s). It depends upon all amino acids in their entirety and how they are arranged in 3D space.

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