Resistance switching is normally employed in which breakers?


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  1. An air-blast circuit breaker is a device that automatically stops the flow of electricity in a circuit when it senses an overload.

    These devices are typically used for heavy duty equipment, such as large motors and electric welding machines, because they can stop power from flowing even if the main power source has been interrupted.

    While air-blast circuit breakers are relatively easy to use, they should be installed only by people with the proper training.

    Resistance switching is normally employed in air-blast circuit breakers. The device is positioned at the end of a circuit, and it interrupts current flow when it detects an overload condition.

    When this happens, a piston within the air-blast circuit breaker moves to create a pressure differential between two chambers inside the unit. This causes compressed air to be released from one chamber through nozzles in the device.

    The air then flows through a nozzle to create an explosion that pushes open one or more breakers within the air-blast circuit breaker, thereby shutting off electricity flow in the circuit.

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