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What is FAQwalla?

FAQwalla is a platform that makes it easy for you to ask any question & get answers. You can also help out other users for which you will be rewarded with points. These points will in turn earn you badges like Expert, Teacher, Professional, Guru, etc which will make you one of the greatest users of this Q&A community.

How can I earn points and badges?

You will earn points every time you write an answer and help other people. Points are awarded to you even when people upvote your answers. This way, you'll get to know that your answers are great & solving the problems of other members of the Q&A community.

What is the leaderboard?

The leaderboard is a chart of users in the order of their points. You can check out the leaderboard page to see your position in the community. Earning points will help you reach the top position on the leaderboard.

How can I write an answer to a question?

When you open a question, simply click on the Write an answer button or scroll down to find the answer box. You will be asked to log into your account if you aren't already logged in or haven't created an account. You can log in with your Google or Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Can I copy & paste content from other websites in my answers?

You are not allowed to do so and such content will be removed immediately after a review. You need to follow the community guidelines in order to use FAQwalla and copy/pasting is something we take seriously. Involving in such activity will get your account removed permanently without any notification.