Is Unacademy free?



Is Unacademy free? How much does Unacademy cost?? How can I get Unacademy subscription for free??


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  1. YES. Unacademy is FREE. It’s a great online learning platform that filled the gap between many top educators and students across India. You can download and install the Unacademy app for free on your smartphone and stream live classes. In my opinion, it’s good for all those preparing for top exams like UPSC, IIT JEE, NEET, GATE, etc.

    There are many teachers on the Unacademy app who can prepare you for these highly competitive exams by conducting mock tests and giving PDFs. It’s definitely a great learn-on-the-go app that helps you prepare for the exams at the comfort of your home. The app is available for a free download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

    There is also a paid plan called Unacademy Plus Subscription that comes with unlimited access to all classes (Live and Recorded). With a Plus subscription, you can opt for as many courses you want and schedule your classes on the go. And also, you will be able to stream live classes and enroll in special courses prepared by most popular educators like Roman Saini, Mrunal Patel (, Sudarshan Gurjar, Deepanshu Singh, Roman Sanghi, etc.

    However, you need to first try the free version of Unacademy and should buy the Plus subscription only if you are satisfied with its features and the way its educators teach. The Plus subscription comes at a cost based on the goal you want to achieve i.e. if you are looking to join UPSC CSE courses, Unacademy Plus Subscription will cost you around Rs.8,000 per month and the cost goes down if you pick an annual or a biannual plan.

    Two years of Unacademy Plus will only cost you only Rs.48,000 while it’s a bit high when it comes to monthly and yearly subscriptions. The annual subscription is priced at Rs.40,000 while the quarterly plan is priced at Rs.20,000. So, it will be cost-saving and affordable if we get to choose the biannual plan.

    My suggestion for you is to just try the free version first and go for the paid plan only if you like it. For this, all you need to do is download and install the official Unacademy app from Google Play Store.

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