How do I make emails go automatically into Gmail Archive?


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  1. If you are using Gmail for your email needs, you can quickly navigate around piles of clutter by archiving your emails. If you want to keep things tidy in your inbox, then it is important that you archive all the unnecessary or unwanted mail. Follow these simple steps below to learn how to do this easily.

    Steps to Automatically Archive Emails in Gmail

    To auto-archive all the emails in Gmail-

    1. Open Gmail
    2. Look at the top bar above emails
    3. Click on the Settings icon
    4. Select the Labels tab
    5. Scroll down to the bottom
    6. Click on Create New Label
    7. Enter a Name & create it
    8. Now, click on the Inbox option
    9. Tick an email you want to archive
    10. Click on the three-dots icon
    11. Select Filter Messages Like These option
    12. Click on the Create filter button
    13. Tick the Apply Label box & select your new label
    14. Click on the Create Filter button

    That’s it! From now on, all the emails from that sender or of that type will be automatically archived. You can view all those auto-archived messages by simply clicking on the new label name that appears in the left sidebar panel.

    Other ways to automatically archive emails in Gmail

    Step 1

    You can use the Send and Archive feature in Gmail to automatically archive an email when you select the send button after writing a message.

    To enable this option, go to Settings in your Gmail account and then click on the General tab, scroll down to the Send and Archive section, and check the Show β€œSend & Archive” button in reply.

    Step 2

    To archive all your emails, launch Gmail and log into your account. After this, go to the search box and filter the emails you want to archive by entering a time period in this format: label:inbox older_than:Xd (where X is days/months/years). Select all filtered emails and then click on the Archive button.


    These are some methods that you can use to archive emails in Gmail automatically. If you have more than one email account with Gmail, then this is a great feature to enable. This is because it helps improve your inbox management by automatically moving or deleting messages based on their labels or content.

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