Community Guidelines

Below are the community guidelines by which every FAQwalla user has to abide in order to use the site –

  1. Users should never use abusive language in their questions and answers
  2. Users should not write an answer without having proper knowledge of the topic
  3. Users should always make sure their questions are understandable
  4. Users should always make sure their answers are understandable
  5. Users should be responsible for the views expressed in their own questions & answers
  6. No one is allowed to insult any other member of the community in any case whatsoever.
  7. Users should always think of sharing their knowledge in a good manner 🙂

If any of the above mentioned mentioned community guidelines are violated by a user, his/her FAQwalla membership will be cancelled right away without any intimation. And also, those questions & answers which are abusive in nature or have content that is not acceptable will be removed from the site.