Can I deposit a third party check into my Chime account


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  1. Yes. You can deposit a third-party check into your Chime account. The only thing you will have to make sure that the payee (the person who is to be paid) written on the check should be you. Also, Chime allows only members who have already set up a direct deposit to make a mobile check deposit using the app.

    How to deposit a 3rd-party check into a Chime account?

    To deposit a third-party check –

    1. Launch the Chime app
    2. Go to the Move Money section
    3. Go to Add Funds
    4. Choose Mobile Check Deposit
    5. Select either spending or savings
    6. Enter the amount written on check
    7. Follow the instructions to take photos
    8. The photo of the check should be clear
    9. Review & confirm

    That’s it! This is how we can easily deposit a third-party check into our Chime spending accounts or savings accounts. When you select your spending account, the check amount will be deposited into your spending account and you will be able to use that for cash withdrawals or making transactions using your Chime card.

    If you deposit the check into your Chime savings account, you cannot withdraw that money from an ATM. And, you are also not allowed to make any purchases with that amount. To make use of that check deposit money, you will have to again move that money back into your spending account. So, it’s always better to deposit the check into your spending or checking account rather than your savings account.

    How long does Chime take to deposit my check?

    Chime will take up to 3 business days to clear your check and deposit the money into your account. To speed up the mobile check deposit process, you should always consider depositing a check during the business hours.

    Depositing a check on a non-business day will definitely make the deposit process late. For example, Chime may start processing your 3rd-party check on the next day i.e. Monday when you make the mobile check deposit on a Sunday. I recommend depositing a check at any time between 9 AM and 5 PM from Monday to Friday.

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  2. this is not true chime will not accept the 3rd party check and then they have you to write for chime deposit only and its messed up so you cant cash it anywhere. don’t bank with chime

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  3. UPDATE: Chime doesn’t accept third-party checks. If in case your check gets accepted somehow, the check will be returned back to you via mail to your address.

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  4. Third–party checks are any checks that you receive, but the person who wrote the check has endorsed it over to someone else.

    Third–party checks should be written in a way that makes clear that the money is going to this third party.

    Banks like Chime and other financial institutions can’t accept third–party checks if they don’t know who the person endorsing the check is.

    If you get a third–party check, call the person or company that issued it and ask for information on how to cash it.

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