Points System

  • 50Points

    For Signing up.

  • 50Points

    For adding an answer.

  • 30Points

    Your answer gets a vote.

  • 20Points

    Your question gets a vote.

  • 10Points

    Each time when a user follows you.

  • 10Points

    For adding your social media links to your profile.

  • 1Point

    For choosing a poll on the question.

Badges System

Besides gaining a reputation with your questions and answers, you receive badges for being extremely helpful. Badges appear on your profile page, questions and answers. They help you stand out from the rest.

  • Beginner
    70 Points

    A Beginner Badge is given to people who just started exploring FAQwalla. Keep answering questions and gain reputation among your community members. This badge is given to all those people who have just signed up and created an account on FAQwalla.

  • Teacher
    1k Points

    A Teacher Badge is given to people who have gained 1000 points by asking questions and posting answers. You are not a beginner anymore!!! You can teach people things and make them learn something.

  • Expert
    5k Points

    An Expert Badge is given to people who proved themselves as experts by receiving Best Answer mentions from other users in the FAQwalla community. A total of 5000 points are required to become an Expert.

  • Professional
    10k Points

    Being professional at something is no easy task. This badge is given to people who have shown exceptional interest in asking questions and posting answers in the whole community. A minimum of 10000 points is required to gain a Professional Badge.

  • Guru
    20k Points

    There's no one who can answer a question better than a GURU. You will be called the GURU of this whole Q&A community when you gain 20,000 points!!