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Apache Definition

Apache is known for being the most popular Web server software. The first version of Apache was released by a developer group in 1995, which later became a non-profit organization called the Apache Software Foundation back in 1999 after its first release to make sure that it continues developing this particular piece of software used over the Internet browsers to host websites.

Because Apache is open-source software, it can be used by all kinds of companies for free. This kind of freedom has allowed many hosting providers to offer Web services based on Open Source technologies at low prices compared with commercial solutions like Windows Server. Linux distributions are also available as cost-free products and therefore the combination between Apache and Linux has gained a lot of popularity in the hosting industry.

What is the use of Apache software?

Apache is a computer program that allows the servers and browsers to communicate with each other. Apache makes it possible for these two computers (servers and clients) to work together nicely, as well as deliver information faster than before because of its “client-server” structure—wherein data transfer takes place between the server and client computers.

Benefits of using Apache –

  1. Apache is compatible with any operating system, from Windows to Unix systems—making the software easy for anyone to use and install on their PCs or servers.
  2. The program can host websites that are either “static” (which means they don’t change often) as well as those which rely heavily upon server-side scripting languages, such as PHP or Python.
  3. Apache also supports other modules—or installation packages which are added to the standard package of software by people who want advanced security options, file management tools and so on.
  4. Most installations include a URL rewriting module called “mod_rewrite”, which is considered by many webmasters to be the easiest way to create custom URLs.

The software that Apache runs upon is officially called “Apache HTTP Server.” The name of the process (which can be considered as a sub-program) which it uses to run on your computer is named httpd. This stands for ‘HTTP daemon’ and alludes to its function of serving web pages over Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

Who uses Apache Software?

Apache HTTP web servers are the most common choice for all sorts of websites. This is because Apache Web Server was developed by best-in-class software developers, and it has loads of features that make sites run faster than other options available in the market today.

A few companies that use Apache software are –

  • Adobe
  • Cisco
  • Facebook
  • eBay
  • IBM

These are some popular companies in the world that rely on Apache software. In fact, over two-thirds of all the websites in the world use Apache.

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