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Affiliate Definition

An affiliate is a person or a company that promotes another person’s or company’s product by making it available on their website. In return, the affiliate will get paid if someone buys this same promoted product from them either through direct sales or referral marketing systems such as Google Adwords, SEO, and similar types of advertising techniques.

Affiliate programs are used by different companies that deal with all sorts of products and services. The program lets the website owners get a commission when they refer their visitors to a particular product or service, thus increasing sales for both parties involved in this relationship.

For example, if one runs an online book store then he can earn money by referring people to his company. The affiliate program will pay commission for any sales generated by the referral and both parties benefit from this business relationship.

What does being an affiliate mean?

In the corporate world, an affiliate is a subordinate company that holds the status of member or can be referred to as a subsidiary. In the online world, the affiliation will happen when an online site joins or affiliates with another in order to sell certain products. So, what it really means to be an affiliate is that you will be selling the products of another website, and keep earning a commission as long as you generate sales.

What is an example of affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when bloggers or publishers are paid by merchants to write about their products. For example, a blogger could be asked to test a new hair-loss shampoo and the company will pay him for his time. He may even be required to provide statistics on how well the product worked for him.