About Us

The world is full of questions. Every person regardless of his age has his/her own questions. But, it is not the questions that matter, it is the answers that have great significance. A great answer can solve a problem and brings in some sort of happiness. It is human satisfaction that is of great importance.

We humans always try to explore this huge world and try to find answers. The Internet made it an easy task for finding answers to millions of questions but it is time to find out the best answers which help people solve things in the best way possible.

FAQwalla is a community-driven website where people can ask questions and receive the right answers. Users will be awarded badges to encourage them to write great answers which actually help out other community members.

There are many categories like Technology, Science, Environment, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, etc. People who are in search of answers can browse through all the questions posted in these categories and find the best answer to their questions.

FAQwalla Motto: Great Questions Need Great Answers